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Being in the mountains is a dance, and the mountain always leads.

Enjoy life, Enjoy anventure,

be safe!


AriadnaLife is the first, global Active Search and Rescue System (ASAR)

Created for people with passion, for those who love mountains and mountain sports, but also for those who care about our safety – Search and Rescue teams around the world. 

AriadnaLife connects passion, experience and technology. We have encapsulated all we know and all we have learned from better then us in one system which main purpose is to detect danger and call for help automatically as fast as it is possible. 

Technology is the heart of AriadnaLife System. Passion and experience are its soul.

Every second matters...

The most important element of safety in the mountains is to have a possibility to call for help fast and inform rescuers about our location. Having that in mind we have created AriadnaLife system which automatically detects dangerous situations (it has manual SOS also) and calls for for help to the nearest Search and Rescue team. By doing so, we gain precious seconds. 

Ariadna Prime

A heart of the system, which you carry on your heart.

Please meet Ariadna Prime, a small device in which we have placed everything that is needed to identify dangerous situations such as fall down, being lost, lack of movement or even being taken by an avalanche. We have have empowered those with GPS location, GSM communication and mighty algorithms. This is how magic happens, this is how we created Ariadna Prime.

Ariadna Satellite

When you are in a remote area, without GSM access, this is when Ariadna Satellite takes a lead.

Ariadna Satellite is a mighty accessory which you simply must have if you know that you will be in a place where GSM network does not reach. Valleys, high mountains, wild territories… This is where Ariadna Statellite will provide connection with our system thanks to satellite communication.

Ariadna Avalanche

Avalanches are the integrated element of the mountains. We have not forgotten about that...

Although, avalanches are rare phenomenon for most of the people, those who go further into the mountains have to be very cautious about them because when avalanche goes down nothing can stop it. If you are more advanced tourist and you love wild territories or you are a fan of backcountry skiing avalanches will always be a threat you have to be aware of. 

Ariadna Avalanche is a unique avalanche beacon, which is connected with our Ariadna Prime over Bluetooth. Thanks to Ariadna Avalanche you will not only be found under the snow by SAR teams but also you will inform SAR team about starting a rescue mission yourself and so you will shorten the time until rescuers come over to help you. if you switch your device into SEARCH mode the nearest SAR team will be informed that you are searching someone – with avalanches every second really counts!


AriadnaLife has been created in tight cooperation with mountain Search and Rescue teams (i.e. Polish GOPR Foundation). Our key team members are also active rescuers!


Great technology is always created by great people. Our team consists of experts who gained experience in international corporations and were involved in building amazing products as well as by researchers (Phd, Professors) from the best technical universities in Poland. 

Reaction time

And all of that because every second counts! 

In the mountains, when something bad happens, time is the most precious thing. 

AriadnaLife Application:
plan, call for help, communicate

Route planning

Proper trip plan is a key element of safety and and in critical situation it is a source of valuable information for rescuers.

Manage your AriadnaLife devices

Manage, control and track every single AriadnaLife device you have.


Call for help, cancel the alerts, warning alerts from SAR teams, extreme weather warnings, closed regions or tracks warnings, and live chat with rescuers… All you need in one place.  

Mountain Rescue is a mission in which success and failure are separated with a very thin line.


AriadnaLife offers also advanced features for SAR teams around the world.

The key element in AriadnaLife system are SAR teams around the world. Those brave people are the ones who save thousends of lives every day. We are here to help… 

The integral part of AriadnaLife is SAR Interface which we called Theseus System. It is a kind of control room system which allowes SAR teams to monitor situation in their region of operation and coordinate rescue missions. 

Now, we would like to introduce to you our good fellow ARI. He is the one who will be your guide in AriadnaLife system. You can always count on him!

Key Features

For Tourists:

For SAR Teams:

When you prepare for the trip, remember to take with you as little as possible, but make sure that this "little" is chosen with greatest care.

Thanks to European Union funding we have managed to build prototypes of our AriadnaLife devices and applications. The next step and challenge ahead of us is production, promotion and building sales network and partnerships with SAR teams around the world. Only having that we will be able to really save lifes.  

Since we know you love mountains we invite you to support our project on international crowdfunding platform INDIGOGO. During our Indigogo campaign you can buy our products with a discount and you will be one of the first globally to get our devices when we launch production.  

Mountains and technology are our passion. By connecting the two together we will save thousends of people around the world. Join our mission, join our AriadnaLife Team!

                                                                                                                                                                       AriadnaLife Team